Whether you’re the executive chef of a five-star restaurant or the head of your home kitchen, one of the most important tools in your arsenal should be a sharp blade. A good knife makes every slice and dice quality for food preparation. BucknBear has a spicy collection of kitchen cutlery to team up with your culinary skills to create the perfect dish.

Smooth Slicing Ahead

damascus cheese knife

The Damascus Cheese Knife is perfect for slicing effortlessly through almost any cheese. The blade creates tiny air pockets allowing the blade to work precisely and with ease.

damascus paring knife

The Damascus Paring Knife has a similar design. This knife is precision-forged from a single piece of steel. Its triple-riveted, ergonomic, full-tang handle is designed with professional chefs in mind. Ideal for detailed work like peeling potato skins or julienning vegetables, the paring knife is a versatile vessel in the kitchen.

Best Blades for Breaking Down

utility cleaver knife

Butchering meat has never been easier with the Utility Cleaver Knife. Its razor-sharp design makes an excellent choice for professional chefs and discerning home cooks. From chopping steak to cutting through chicken bones, the range on BucknBear’s Utility Cleaver Knife is incredible. With double-beveled edges, this knife accommodates both right and left-handed users.

fillet utility knife

Need to break fibrous tissue or separate meat from the bone? The Fillet Utility Knife has a thin, sharp curved blade that makes for a seamless breakdown. Offering exceptional flexibility, this utility knife is ideal for thinner cuts that are more intricate. When prepping fish, this knife can easily glide through the body, allowing for quick removal of bones and skin.  

Comfort Grips in the Kitchen

mid sized chef's knife

The Mid-Size Chef’s Knife and Small Chef’s Knife offer wide blades for extra clearance at the cutting board. Invisible, but protective ceramic coating allows for effortless cutting. But what size, should you be shooting for? When holding a chef’s knife, you want it to feel like a natural extension of your arm. A Mid-Size Chef’s Knife may be ideal for quick work such as mincing herbs and chopping through tomatoes. small chef's knife The Small Chef’s Knife is a great choice for precision slicing and dicing with a controlled grip, allowing each movement to rock back and forth effortlessly. The ultra-tough design is constructed from a single piece of steel and comes equipped with forge bolsters for supreme comfort and stability.

Cutting through the Crust

bread cutting serrated knife

If you dread slicing through a loaf of bread, you aren’t alone. The crumb chaos that ensues isn’t fun for anyone. Slicing bread can be safe and clean with BucknBear’s Bread Cutting Serrated Knife. The double-serrated, scalloped blade stays razor sharp longer than traditional bread knives. It makes slicing even the toughest crusts a cinch. Precision forged from a single piece of high-carbon steel, this knife features a laser-controlled and tested cutting edge that’s complete with a triple-riveted, full-tang handle.

BucknBear’s wide range of durable, high-quality kitchen cutlery is made with chefs in mind. No matter what recipes you have lined up, we have the perfect tool for you. Interested in incorporating our knives into your kitchen arsenal? Explore our complete line of cutlery products!