Hunters know that the tools of their trade are knives, guns, callers, and camouflage, so as archery season approaches this September and again later in December, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I hunting?
  • How often do I hunt?
  • How do I process my harvest?

What am I hunting?

For processing small game, waterfowl and upland game birds, you need a blade that’s narrow and easy to manipulate blade in those tight spaces. Using a knife like the Mini Skinner, with its simple-to-handle design, gives you the ability to maneuver in cramped areas. If you like having a folding knife as opposed to a fixed blade, the King’s Bone Hunter would be your choice. Its compact design still offers plenty of room for grip, blade control, and precision.

King's Bone Hunter

Deer season is just around the corner. Larger game requires a larger tool. You still want to have constant control over your blade so you can avoid costly mistakes when you are gutting out that trophy whitetail or black bear, and a great choice for the big boys would be the Wild Skinner. The curve of the blade helps melt away that tough sinew and tissues like butter, and the handle offers great control.

Wild Skinner

How Often do I Hunt?

Whether you are a back-country hunter that spends two weeks in the bush, or a weekender that goes out when you can sneak away, you have plenty of options. If you spend a lot of time in the woods you need to have a knife that can cover a lot of bases. The Deep Skinner Hunter offers a great range of control and not only is it good for processing game, it is useful around camp as well. Having both the ability to harvest game and process firewood prevents you from having to bring out more than you need.

For those of us who can only get away when we can for shorter trips. The Drop Point Hunter offers amazing control and can easily get your large and small game jobs done effectively. When you need to get it done quick because it’s getting close to dark and you were supposed to be home AT dark, the Small Stag Hunter can help you gut the deer quickly and get you and the deer in your truck to finish processing at home.

Drop Point Hunter

How do I process my harvest?

If you field dress a deer and take it home to butcher and process you need a knife that gives you options. The Grizzly Hunter offers stainless steel protection, and has the added bonus of a very predominant gut hook. Making this ideal for the hunter as it allows for an easier opening of the animal without tearing the skin or nicking an organ.

Grizzly Hunter

If you are like me and like to start processing your harvest in the field, you are going to need a few more tools to aid in breaking down that beast. For removing the rib cage of larger game, the Mini Hatchet is hard to beat. It's lightweight and easy to carry all day, and powers through the bone leaving nice even cuts.

Mini Hatchet

Choosing a knife that suits you and your needs is important. Luckily, Buck N Bear has a diverse, quality selection for any and all activities. Whether you’re hunting small game or large game, processing in the field or at home, or hunting often or seldom, we have the right knife for you. With archery season fast approaching, there has never been a better opportunity to upgrade your equipment. Asking yourself these simple questions will aid you in selecting the knives that cover your wants and needs.